Our “Go Green” Strategy

Face 2 Face Events Management operates in a “green” zone, making efforts every day to ensure that the footprint we leave behind is as minimal as possible — not just at the events we manage or within the associations we manage, but in our day to day operations internally.

We encourage our clients to be as environmentally friendly/conscious as possible when preparing for and executing any events that we plan together.

We offer our clients options for carbon offsetting, and we offer strategies and recommendations on having a “green event” whenever possible. You might be surprised at how some of the simplest decisions save on energy.

Contact us to discuss how to increase your “Go Green” initiatives.

Here’s what some of our clients are saying:

Ms. Clelford has become an integral part of our team and I have no hesitation in stating that the success of the EXTRA program would not be possible without the numerous talents and years of experience that she possesses.

Anique Turgeon, Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement

I have often admired the way Sally interacts with employees, clients, event delegates and suppliers; not only when things are running smoothly, but also when unanticipated challenges arise. She has a way of getting to solutions with an air of calm.

Craig Larsen, Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada

Sally brings a boundless amount of energy and enthusiasm to all aspects of her business and it is clear that her personal philosophies and ethics are the basis for the way she interacts with her clients and runs her business.

Jessie Checkley, Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement

It is a pleasure to work with Sally. Her positive attitude is infectious. There are no obstacles too large or challenging for her. In fact, seeing potential snags before they emerge and tackling problems appear to be part of what Sally loves about her job.

Kim McGrail, PopData BC